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MVFD Program Committee

The MVFD Program Committee is responsible for Thursday evening and 2nd Sunday programming. This directory essentially replicates the Program Committee Book of guidelines to how to do its job.


  1. Program Committee Responsibilities

  2. Program Committee Guidelines
    1. Program Committee General Guidelines

    2. Sample Program Committee Schedule - see form list below

    3. Guidelines Regarding Program Committee Keys

    4. Guidelines for Scheduling Ethnic Sundays

    5. Guidelines for Ethnic Sundays and beyond

    6. Guidelines for Closing the Pavilion

    7. Guidelines for New Year's Eve Program

    8. Guidelines for Thursday Night Program Reminders

    9. Guidelines for Scheduling Thursday Night Program Assignments

    10. Guidelines for Giving a Thursday Evening Program

    11. Program Committee Guidelines with respect to Workshops
  3. Inventory of Program Committee - supplies, storage at the pavilion, etc.

  4. Forms
    Advanced Teaching (9 - 9:30) PDF 4.0 Word 2000
    Beginner's Class Teaching PDF 4.0 Word 2000
    Ethnic Sunday Teaching PDF 4.0 Word 2000
    Ethnic Sunday Flyer PDF 4.0 Word 2000
    Thursday Schedule PDF 4.0 Word 2000
    Sample Program Committee Schedule PDF 4.0 Word 2000
    Workshop PDF 4.0 Word 2000

  5. MVFD Rules and Regulations, MVFD Method of Operations

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