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Guidelines for Giving a Thursday Evening Dance Program

Guidelines for Giving
a Thursday Evening Dance Program

  1. Responsibilities

    1. To lead the dance program by playing dances of your own choosing and requests during the 8 - 9 and 9:30 - 10:50 (or earlier, if members have finished dancing) time periods.
    2. To clean up and pack up after the program is over.

  2. Selecting Dances

    1. Choose dances balanced between:
      • partner and non-partner dances,
      • various degrees of difficulty.
      Secondary balance may also be appreciated among:
      • nationality,
      • type of partner dance.
    2. Include dances taught recently during:  (these dances are listed in the Red Book)
      • 2nd Sundays,
      • 9 to 9:30 teaching,
      • Beginners Class,
      • Workshops.
    3. Feel free to request assistance from the program committee or from other members.

  3. Giving the Program

    1. The order of dances should be that which allows the maximum number in attendance to participate throughout the evening. DO NOT PLAY MORE THAN 2 OR 3 PARTNER OR NON-PARTNER DANCES IN A ROW. It is suggested that mixers be scheduled when the attendance is largest (generally before 9 pm) and that two fast or vigorous dances not be scheduled in succession.
    2. Announce the name of the dance and/or play a few measures before the start of the dance (especially if the dance is not well known).
    3. After the music for the dance has started, check if the members are participating - if not, be ready to start the dance again.
    4. No dance is to be taught in the 8-9 and 9:30-10 time periods, but a quick walk-through is occasionally acceptable.
    5. Be sure that the sound level and music speed are properly set.
    6. If you need assistance with any equipment, please contact a member of the equipment committee or the program committee.

  4. Request Dances

    1. If dances are on the request list, play no more than three (3) of your own selections before playing one of the requests. It is permissible to play request dances more frequently.
    2. Requests may be played in any order.
    3. Monitor the request list to ensure that no one person monopolizes it.

  5. Closing Up

    1. Sweep the floor and empty all trash containers into a dumpster. Brooms and trash bags are in the men's restroom.
    2. The computer records & saves your program of dances.
    3. Help put the equipment away and close up. Actual locking up will be done by someone who has been issued a set of keys.
The 1992/2000/2004/2015 Program Committee.

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