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Archive of the Miami Valley Folk Dancers

Welcome to the Archive of the Miami Valley Folk Dancers.
This site captures the digital versions of various historical records and artifacts of the Miami Valley Folk Dancers in Dayton, Ohio. These records are available to you to read, to conduct research, to learn from.

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Notes about the Archive of MVFD:

Additional Archival Material:
Some materials and consolidated information have been made available elsewhere on this website. These are:

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Finding Aids:


American Dance Circle


Dayton Daily News


Dayton International Festival, aka A World A’Fair


Folk Dance Camp


Kentucky Dance Institute


Lloyd Shaw Foundation


Michael Solomon Pavilion


Michael Solomon Support Committee


Miami Valley Dance Council


Miami Valley Dance News


Miami Valley Folk Dancers


National Folk Festival


National Folk Organization


Wright State University


Yellow Springs Folk Dancers (Yellow Springs, Ohio)


Yellow Springs News


Whetstone Folk Dancers (Columbus, Ohio)

FAQs about Archives:

Why keep an Archive?
The archive is the club's memory. Any one member cannot remember every event that was held, every decision that was made over time. It provides evidence of what has come before. Without an archive we lack a full understanding of what forces have shaped the club. An individual with no memory is dysfunctional. An organization that lacks a sense of itself over time is equally handicapped. Most obviously this handicap manifests itself as a lack of vision. Without a full picture of the organization and how it has changed, officers and members cannot deal with underlying causes of systemic problems. An archive can also be of practical, everyday use. It gives a factual, evidential, legal foundation to the group and to the members of the group. So when Sgt. Joe Friday asks you: "Where were you at 9 p.m. on the night of July 14, 1983?" you can say "I was folk dancing." Or when the City tries to condemn the Pavillion, you can prove that numerous people have benefited from its use as a dance hall.

What is an Archive?
An archive is a repository for records of historical value. It is similar to a library and museum, as all three institutions organize and provide access to information. However, they differ in that:

What is a Record?
A record refers to recorded information in any medium, which provides evidence of the activities of an individual, organization, or institution. A record can be

What is an Archivist?
An archivist is like a cross between a librarian and a historian.

What is a fond?
Archival collections are referred to as fonds. This is a french term meaning the entire body of records of one person, organization, or institution. A fond may be subdivided into a series. A series refers to a group of similar records which were created, received, or used in the same activity. Example: All of the records of the Treasurer of the MVFD fond could be considered a single series.

What is a finding aid?
A finding aid is a document that describes the contents of a fonds. They are used to find information within an archival collection. A finding aid:

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