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Dance Listings

These are the "dance listings" of the Miami Valley Folk Dancers.

They are in PDF format. In order to view them you need to have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 4 or later. Click the icon on the right to go to Adobe's site to download this software.

These listings look pretty much like the hard copy listings at the club. You may access them on-line or you may download them to your computer and use them off-line. Each one is text searchable so you can go right to what you want - assuming you and the listing agree on the spelling.

These files are hefty. Expect them to take some time to download to your computer.

Have fun! (These listings were last updated on 05/08/2005.)

Dance Listing by Name of Dance

A - Let it Snow (ppgs 1-46) - 256KB
Letchina - Z (ppgs 47-92) - 256KB
Dance Listing by Type of Dance
Undetermined - Couple (Polska) (ppgs 1-46) - 253KB
Couple (Polskor) - Zwiefacher (ppgs 47-93) - 260KB
Dance Listing by Nationality
Undetermined - Italian (Dance of Friendship) (ppgs 1-46) - 261KB
Italian (Il Valzer Delle Candele) - Yugoslavian (ppgs 47-93) - 267KB
Dance Listing by CD
Disc 1 Track 1 - Disc 49 Track 8 (ppgs 1-39) - 256KB
Disc 49 Track 9 - Disc 105 Track 15 (ppgs 40-78) - 252KB
Dance Listing by Old Record Numbers - 272KB

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