Shiboleth Basadeh



According to Dvora Lapson, author of Dances of the Jewish People, this dance is performed during the Omer Ceremony in Israel and is a revival of an ancient ritual on Passover, when the first sheaves of barley were cut in the fields and presented to the Holy Temple.  It is extremely easy and therefore good to use with beginning folk dancers.


Opening Formation:  No partners required.  All are in a single circle, with hands joined.


Part 1


(a)    All move slowly to right with 3 slide steps (step to right on right foot, bring left foot up to it).  On the 4th step, step-hop on right foot, drop hands and turn half to the right.  Immediately rejoin hands as in opening formation.


(b)   Repeat to the left and finish facing center of circle with hands rejoined.


(c)    Repeat the slides to the right as in (a) and then to the left as in (b).


Note:            Remember to make the turn in the direction you are sliding and to rejoin hands after each half turn.


Part 2


During the second part, do not drop hands at any time.  

All face to the right and do two step-hops forward, first on the right, then the left foot (the circle is moving counterclockwise).


Now all face to the left, still holding hands, and do two step-hops backwards, with the circle still moving counterclockwise, right hop, left hop.


Repeat the above.


Part 3


All face center and take two long “giant” steps towards center, right hop, left hop, raising joined hands upwards.


Move slowly backwards to rim of circle with 4 tiny step-hops – right, left, right, left.


Repeat entire dance from beginning.


Note:    For added enjoyment, dancers should sing along with the music, using the words or just “la-de-da” and “tra, la, la.”


Shibolet basadeh


Shibolet basadeh kora baru'ach
Me'omes garinim ki rav.
Uv'emerchav harim yom kvar yafu'ach
hashemesh ketem vezahav.

The sheaf in the field bends in the wind,

its seed heavy and full,

and on the far hilltops daybreak comes,

the sun a stain of gold.



Uru, ho uru,
shuru b'nai kfarim.
Kama hen bashla kvar
al pney hakarim;
Kitsru, shilchu magal
et reishit hakatsir.

Awake, awake,

let the village sons go forth;

How the sun has ripened

the face of the fields!

Swing the scythe and gather in

the first fruits of the harvest.



Sdey se'orim tama
zer chag oteret,
shefa yevul u'vracha
likrat bo hakotsrim
bezohar mazheret
cheresh la'omer mechaka.

The field of barley

is crowned with a holiday wreath,

plenty of grain and blessing

in anticipation of the harvesters

shining in light,

quietly waiting for the harvest.



Havu, hanifu, niru lachem nir
Chag lakama et reishit hakatsir.
Kitsru, shilchu magal
et reishit hakatsir.

Swing, harvest,

a holiday for the grain - the beginning of the harvest,

harvest, swing the scythe,

it is the time of harvest.