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History - Weekend Workshops

Following is a list of weekend workshops sponsored by the Miami Valley Folk Dancers from 1952 to present. Interested in syllabi from any of these workshops? Check out the current status of "The Syllabus Project!"



Title/ Instructor

1953 Oct International ‘Folk Dance’ Institute with Vyts Beliajus
1954 Mar International Jane Farwell Weekend
1954 Sep International Vyts Beliajus Folk Dance Institute
1954 Dec Mexican Nelda Lindsay
1955 Mar Scottish, Irish Scottish, Irish w/ John Williams & Maire McGranahan
1955 Oct International Jane Farwell
1956 Jan Scottish Scottish Country Dancing, Lillian Ross
1956 Apr Balkan Dick Crum
1957 Jan Balkan Dick Crum
1957 Mar German The Dunsings
1957 Dec International Last Night I Dreamed We Were in Dayton / David Rosenberg, Nancy Kane
1958 Feb Scottish Bruce McClure
1958 Dec Balkan Dick Crum
1959 Jan Scottish Bobby Watson
1959 Apr English Phil Merrill
1959 Dec International Jane Farwell
1960 Mar International Mary Ann Herman
1960 Dec Contra Ye Old Contra / Ralph Page
1961 Nov Scottish Mary Branigan
1962 Mar Balkan Dick Crum
1963 Feb German the Dunsings
1963 Nov International Jerry Joris Lindsay
1964 Jan International Jane Farwell
1964 Nov American Ralph Page Weekend
1965 Mar Scottish Iain MacFarland, Stan Hamilton & the Clansman
1965 Nov Polish Polish Weekend with Jan Sejda
1966 Feb International Jane Farwell
1966 Nov Balkan Dick Crum
1967 Feb Scandinavia Gordon Tracie Weekend
1968 Oct English, Danish Kars (M. G. Karsner)
1970 Apr International Mary Ann Herman
1970 Oct German The Dunsings
1971 Oct International Dance Lietuva, Vyts (Vyts Beliajus)
1972 Mar Scottish "Nora" Kindness Scottish Workshop
1972 Balkan David Henry
1973 Nov Israel Ya'akov Eden
1975 Feb International International Weekend with Mae Fraley
1975 Nov International Kars (M. G. Karsner)
1976 Feb American Colonial Dance with James Morrison
1976 Nov Balkan Balkan George Tomov
1977 May International Miami Valley Folk Dancers with Jane Farwell
1977 Fall Hungarian Andor Czompo, Hungarian
1978 Apr Greece Hellas David Henry
1978 Nov Scotland Scottish Country Dance w/ C. Stewart Smith
1979 Apr Israel Israeli Folk Dance Weekend with Ya'akov Eden
1979 May English Sibyl Clark
1979 Nov International International Weekend with Mary Ann Herman
1980 Mar French Canadian Yves Moreau, French Canadian and Breton
1980 International International with Toni Francis
1981 Mar Balkan Balkan, Dennis Boxell
1981 Nov International International, Bea Montross
1982 Apr Italy Italia Bella with Mae Fraley
1982 Sept Armenia Tom Bozigian, Armenian Dance, Song and Folklore
1983 Apr English English Country w/John Owen & Allison Thompson
1983 Sept Romania Romania, James M. Roncevic
1984 May German Austrian and Bavarian Folk Dances presented by Morry and Nancy Gelman
1985 Nov Bulgaria A Weekend of Bulgarian Dances, Yves Moreau
1986 Israel Israeli Weekend with Ya'akov Eden
1987 Nov International MVFD Celebrate 35 Years, Jane Farwell, Dick Crum
1988 Nov English English Country with Genny Shimer
1989 Nov Hungary Dances of Hungary with Andor Czompo
1990 Jul Greece Ya Sou! Greek Dances by John S. Pappas
1991 Nov Scotland Scottish Dances with Vickie Goodloe
1992 Mar Bulgaria Weekend in Bulgaria with Petur Iliev
1992 Nov Balkan MVFD Celebrate 40 Years 1952-1992, Dick Crum
1993 Nov Poland Ada Dziewanowska Dances of Poland
1994 Nov Romania Nicolass Hilferink
1995 Sep France French Music and Dance Workshop, Marilyn Wathen, Benoit Bourque, Ad Vielle Que Pourra
1996 Nov Israel Folk Dances of Israel with Sheila Sharpe
1997 Nov International 45th Anniversary - International Workshop with Wim Bekooy
1999 Oct German and Swiss German and Swiss Dance with Karen Gottier, Honoring Sam and Ann Ballinger
2000 Nov Macedonia Macedonian Folk Dance Workshop with Larry Weiner
2001 Sep Israel Israeli Folk Dance Workshop, Ya'akov Eden
2002 Nov Romanian Celebrating the 50th Anniversaries of the Cincinnati Folk Dancers, Columbus Folk Dancers, and Miami Valley Folk Dancers with a Workshop, 2002, Nicolass Hilferink (Tri-City)
2003 Mar Scottish / Balkan 50th Anniversary Workshop, Vicki Goodloe, Steve Kotansky
2005 Oct International International Folkdance Workshop with Sandy Starkman
2005 Apr Bulgarian 42nd Tri-City, Bulgarian Folk Dance Workshop with Petur Iliev
2006 Jul International "Unique Dances," Hanny Budnik
2006 Oct Armenia, Greece, Albania Erik Bendix teaching Folk Dances of Armenia, Greece, and Albania
2007 Jun Algerian A Workshop with Amel Tafsout of Algeria
2007 Mar Balkan 44th Tri-City, Balkan Folk Dance Workshop featuring Daniela Ivanova with Vlado Mollov on Accordion
2007 Sep Israeli Dany Benshalom / Ruthy Slann
2008 Mar International 55th Anniversary Workshop, Oldies But Goodies, Ron Houston, Alix Cordray
2008 Aug Israeli Dany Benshalom / Ruthy Slann
2009 Sep Israeli Dany Benshalom / Ruthy Slann
2009 Mar Romanian Sonia Dion, Cristian Florescu
2010 May International Roo Lester
2010 Aug Israeli Dany Benshalom / Ruthy Slann
2011 Feb Greek Kyriakos Moisidis
2011 Aug Israeli Dany Benshalom / Ruthy Slann

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