Michael Solomon Pavilion (Directions)
(Community Golf Course)
2917 Berkley Street
Dayton, Ohio 45419

Led by Kathy Anderson and Leslie Hyll
A donation is requested


Dear Friends - We regret to inform you that further dances have been CANCELLED.
Thank you for your past participation and support.
Should we perceive enough interest, an occasional dance event may be announced.

In the meantime, we recommend getting your English County Dance "fix" at these upcoming events:

Columbus Country Dance Weekend, October 26, 27, 28, 2012

English Country Dance Workshop, March 30, 31, 2013, hosted by the Miami Valley Folk Dancers in Dayton, OH

For more information:
Leslie Hyll, 937-252-0638, leslie.hyll@daytonfolkdance.com
Kathy Anderson / Charles Krausche, 937-278-9676, kathyanderson2@sbcglobal.net

We are ever so grateful to Cityfolk for sponsoring these dances.

Find out what we danced!

     PROGRAMS is a list of the dances we've done on each evening
     FREQUENCY is an alphabetic list of all the dances we've ever done and how often we've done them
     FINANCES is our income and expenses

Dance Instructions and Videos

There are instructions and videos for many dances on the internet. As you look through various sites, please keep in mind that there have been many reconstructions and interpretations of historical dances. As such, other groups may not execute the dances in exactly the same manner that we have here. No one can say for sure who might have the correct interpretation. As long as we're all dancing together and having fun, it shouldn't manner which way we are doing it. When visiting other groups, remember, when in Rome do as the Romans do. And SMILE!

Playford Wiki -- Playford's Progeny - lots of dance instructions here, and you can add more!

The English Dancing Master by John Playford - a scanned version of the 1651 edition. John Playford published the first book of ECD in 1651. Many more editions followed. So when we talk about a dance being a "Playford" dance, we mean that it was published in one of his books. But he was not the only person to publish dances.

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