Wales, Great Britain


Little has been generally known about Welsh traditional dances as no conscious effort had been made in Wales until about the 1920ís to search out these old forms and preserve them.† Steps, remnants of patterns, and a few dances, have to date been revived and accepted as definitely Welsh.† This dance is made up of authentic Welsh dance steps and hand positions with the patterns being reconstructed by Welsh leaders.


Four couples in a square set.† Each couple stands in a corner of the square facing CCW, hands joined in skater position (elbows in).


Record 1:

HMV 9893† (Pant Corlan Yr Wyr - The Lambs Fold - on reverse side)


Record 2:






Running Step -

a gliding, smooth, quick run done on the ball of the foot, not rangy nor jumpy.


Llanover Step -

"run, run, run, hop" - steps have an even count as in Schottische rhythm.† Steps are all taken on the ball of the foot with each about eight inches in front of the other foot.† Feet are lifted only a few inches from the floor, even on the hop.


Welsh folk dances were performed in kitchens where space was limited, so movements are small, gliding, quick and distinct, elbows in and free hands down at the side.




Figure I - Running and Turning


Starting R foot run 8 steps CCW to next corner of the square;
turn in place CW (R) with 8 running steps, finish facing the next corner of square.†


Repeat the runs to the next corner and
turn CCW (L) in place, finish facing partner diagonally to corner ( M L side, W R side towards center of square).†
Hands are at sides.


Figure II - Step, Hops and Cross Over


Both step, hop on R.L.R.L.†
Cross over to partner's place passing R shoulders, 4 running steps.†
Facing partner, clap and stamp in place, R.L.R.† - hold last count.†
Starting L ft. repeat this action of Figure II returning to own place, again passing R shoulders and finishing facing center for stamps and claps.


Figure III - Go to Opposite Corners


M take one Llanover Step to center starting R foot.
Step L (count 1 and), close R to L with stamp and clap (count 2 and).†
M join hands in circle and run 8 steps to L finishing in opposite corner of square.† (The one from which they originally started).†
W in the meantime take step R, close L with stamp and clap (counts 1 and; 2 and) repeat LRL.


W repeat action of M in Figure III rejoining their partner while M stamp and clap.


Figure IV - Circle and Weave


All join hands in circle and run 8 steps to L and 8 to R.†

Face own partner and all follow path of grand R and L without joining hands.† That is, weaving for 16 running steps and meeting own partner in opposite corner of square.

Repeat entire dance, which brings partners back to original starting corner in square.

Instructions from Kentucky Dance Institute, 1972, pp 127-128, presented at KDI by Jack ???.† Updated by Leslie Hyll, 2008.