(Coal Miner's Dance)

(Japanese Folk Dance)


Folkdancer MH 2010 A


Jerry Joris Lindsay


No partners, all stand in single file, facing clockwise around the room. 
Each person dances alone following the one ahead around the circle.


Lift R ft up below L knee and touch R toe to floor at the same time. 
Pretend you are holding a spade and dig with both hands towards the floor.


Lift R ft again, but this time place full weight on R ft as you dig
with hands again towards the floor.


Repeat 1 & 2 but to the left and with L ft.


Touch R toe to floor and throw hands over R shoulder and put full weight on R ft.


Touch L ft to floor and throw hands over L shoulder and put full weight on L ft.


Now touch R toe back and then step on it as you place L hand, palm out, over head as if shading eyes, R hand is back.  Then step with full weight on R ft. 
Now step back on L toe, then step with full weight on L ft as R hand shades eyes and L hand goes back.


Push with both hands from shoulder out, palm out as if pushing coal cart forward and at same time step forward on R ft. 
Then push again and step forward on L ft.


Traditional ending: 
Step forward on R ft and bring both hands downwards from in front of body and to the sides. 
Step forward on L ft raising hands and then bring R ft down beside left and clap own hands once. 
Then do two-quick and one slow clap.  
(The clapping rhythm is slow--quick, quick--slow.)

Do the dance twice, then do five slow claps and begin dance again. 
Note that the 5-clap interval comes every second time through the dance. 
Also it helps to know that you always begin the dance on the vocal.


Cue the above as follows:

Dig and Dig
and dig and dig
and throw and throw
and shade and shade
and push and push
and down up clap, clap, clap, clap.