Translation:from village of Dzangurje or village of Skudrinje
Recording:Folkraft 1464x45B; Folkraft LP-15, side A band 2 (1:57)
Formation:Line dance, no partners, "V" position, left foot free.

 Variation Ia -- Basic
1-2With left foot slightly forward, touch left heel (count 1), toe (count 2), heel (count 3), toe (count 4).
3Rock forward on left foot (count 1). Step backward on right foot in place (ct.2)
4LIFT-STEP (right) in place (cts.1-2)
5-8REPEAT pattern of measures 1-4 reversing footwork.
9With weight on right foot; click left foot sharply against side of right (count 1), pause (count 2).
10LIFT-STEP (right) in place (counts 1-2)
11With weight on left foot, click right foot sharply against side of left (count 1), pause (count 2).
12LIFT on left foot in place (count 1), Turning to face slightly and moving right, STEP forward on right foot (count 2).
13-14Continuing, two LIFT-STEPS (right, left) forward, turning to-face center on the last step (counts 1-2, 3-4).
 Variation Ib -- Lift Lift-Step
 As Ia above except measure 4 as follows:
4LIFT on right foot in place (count 1), a quick LIFT-STEP (right) in place (counts 2-and); and measure 8 the same with opposite footwork.

LIFT: Hop, but not quite because ball of foot does not quite leave the floor.

LIFT-STEP (RIGHT): With weight on right foot, lift on right foot (count 1), step on left-foot (count 2). Repeat, reversing footwork, for Lift-Step (Left).

Dance Description by Rickey Holden and Dennis Boxell