DANCE: Yoav Ashriel

MUSIC: Ancient Yemenite Melody

RECORD: Dancecraft LP 123301 Side A, Band 2

FORMATION: Solo (DO NOT HOLD HANDS) All face same direction.


FIGURE I Arms held above head.

Meas. Ct.

1 Step on R ft. to R side swaying to R

2 Bend R knee. Snap fingers.

3 Step on L ft. to L side, swaying to L

4 Bend L , Snap fingers.

5-6 Step on R foot making quarter turn to the R

7 Close L ft. to R ft. bending both knees and bringing
hands down in front of chest. Snap fingers.

8 Hold

9-12 Yemenite step to R ( Hands are down)

13-16 Yemenite step to L.



1-2 Step on R ft. to R turning slightly to R side.

3-4 Raise L leg across R leg bending R knee. L leg
is turned out with bent knee and flexed foot. Snap
fingers. Hands are in front of chest, elbows bent.

5-8 Repeat counts 1-4, opposite footwork, turning
slightly to L side.



1-2 Step on R ft. to R. arms straight out to sides.

3-4. Cross L ft. over R ft. bending knees. Hands are
crossed in front of chest. (R hand over L hand)
Snap fingers.

5-8 Repeat counts 1-4.

9-12 Yemenite step to R. Hands down.

13-24 Repeat counts 1-12 with opposite feet to the left side.



Miami Valley Folk Dancers,

November 4 & 5, 1972,

David Henry, Balkan Workshop

MVFD Syllabus Collection Copyright Miami Valley Folk Dancers 2004