Finnish Mixer

Pronounced:     RAHN-kahn-kah-lee-uh (the R is slightly rolled)

Formation:        Double Circle Formation; partners with inside hands joined about shoulder height, elbows bent, outside hands on hips, all facing LOD.

Background:     "Rankankalia" is a song game from the Finnish-speaking Finns (as differentiated from the Swedish-speaking Finns).  The words to the song say "Goodbye my old darling," then partners change.  As partners change a second time the words are "Goodbye my new darling."  We learned this charm­ing dance from a native Finn in our dance group, Maija Maki-Laurila. (The dance group referred to is at Folklore Village.)



A1    1          All take 3 steps forward starting on outside foot (3 counts).  Close inside foot to outside, no weight (count 4).

         2          Starting on inside foot back up 3 steps (3 counts) and close outside foot to inside, no weight (count 4), turning to greet partner.

A2    1-2       Repeat Al.  End facing partner with weight on both feet and both hands on hips.

B1     1          M bow and W curtsey to partner (2 counts), then clap 3 times (clap-clap-clap-pause) (2 counts).

         2          Repeat bowing and clapping.

         3-4       Face the person diagonally L, join both hands and turn once around CW. End facing this person.

B2     1-4       Repeat B1 taking this last person as new partner to begin dance again.


Musicians on Rankankalia:

Mac Robertson - guitar,

Alison Bush - flute,

Bob Wernerehl - bass,

Becky Wernerehl - fiddle,

Douglas Clark - accordion,

Doug Code - clarinet.