This dance as created by Henry "Buzz" Glass is composed of elements of social and folk dance. Its sources may be found in the rhumba and the danzon with a sprinkling of the Jarabe step.


Numero Cinco, Tijuana Brass, AM742 (45 RPM)



Cpls in closed dance position. M has back to center of hall (COH).



1 2

Dancers wait in place

3 4

M steps LRL, then RLR in place. W same on opp ft (QQS QQS).



I. Box; Break step, Walk Around

1 2

M begins L, takes 1 box step as follows: Step sdwd on L(ct 1), step on R beside L (ct 2), step fwd on L (ct 3), and hold (ct 4). Step sdwd R on R (ct 1), close L to R (ct 2), step bkwd on R (ct 3), and hold (ct 4). W same on opposite ft.


Retaining joined L-R hands, the M "breaks" back on L, steps in place on R, steps fwd on L to assume banjo pos, R hips adjacent. The W at same time breaks away RLR (cue: quick quick slow). Note: on the "break", M R hand is released on QQ and then placed on W's L hip (on s).


In banjo pos, M takes 3 steps fwd CW RLR (QQS) to exchange places with ptnr. W at same time steps LRL moving fwd CW to end with back to center (QQS).

5 8

Repeat all of meas 1-4 to end in original pos, M back to COH.



II. Apart-Together, Apart-Together-Apart

9 10

In closed dance pos, cpl moves sdwd in LOD with an off-beat rhumba pattern; M steps sdwd L on L (slow), close R to L taking wt on R (slow); step sdwd on L (quick), close R to L (quick), and step sdwd on L ending with feet astride and wt on L (slow).

11 12

Continue, step on R beside L (slow) and step sdwd on L (slow): step on R beside L (quick), step sdwd on L (quick), close R to L taking wt on R (slow). May cue: (A=apart, T=together); A-T; A-T-A; T-A; T-A-T; continue.

13 16

Repeat action of meas 9-12. M ends with wt on R and W on L. W uses opposite feet throughout figure.



III. Jarabe (Heel, Toe, Toe); Stamp 2 3

17 20

Ptnrs drop hands. In place, M steps fwd on L heel, steps on R toe in place, steps on L toe beside R. Step fwd on R heel, step on L toe in place, step on R toe beside L. Repeat 2 more Jarabe steps beginning L and then R. End in place with 3 light stamps LRL and hold. Note: the Jarabe pattern moves continuously 1 beat to a step. Count as 1-12 and "stamp 2 3 hold".

21 24

Repeat action of meas 17-20 beginning the Jarabe (M) on the R ft ending with stamps RLR and hold. (W same on opp feet).



Repeat dance from the beginning. The dance ends with step II and pose.