Czech Republic

Circle dance from West Bohemia          

3/4 time

Hands joined down, circle or broken circle facing slightly CW.






1 – 12





Instrumental - Motif A. higher melody


Moving CW, step forward R (ct 1) with slight knee-bend; bring L foot smoothly through (ct.2); step forward L (ct. 3)


Repeat Bar 1 twice


Step diag. forward toward center R (ct. 1); close L to R, rising slightly on balls of feet (ct. 2); lower slightly, keeping weight on R (like a balance step)


Repeat Bar 4 with opposite footwork, stepping away from center L and closing R with rising and lowering as before, to end with weight on L again


Repeat Bar 1




Instrumental - Motif B. lower melody


Repeat Bars 1-3, as in A


6 small steps, moving smoothly forward CW


Step R with emphasis slightly toward center (almost a stamp!) (ct. 1); hold (ct. 2); step out again L (ct. 3).


Repeat from the beginning, but note the pattern! During the next section, there is a VOCAL: when this occurs, each part is repeated, so the pattern is AABB.


On this recording, the instrumental and vocal sections alternate. The dance finishes with the instrumental section, and the pattern this last time is ABB to end the dance. The line can spiral inward, following the leader on the left end of the line. The style throughout is understated, gentle and smooth. The arms move very slightly in with the body on Bar 4; this is not a large arm swing!


Arrangement of this recording:  Intro (12 bars, BB) AABB AB AABB ABB


Learned from Professor František Bonuš, of the University of Prague


Columbus Folk Dancers Present Marianne Taylor

Dances from Hither and Yon, February 24-26, 1995


Words to the song:


/ Mé zlaté dolanské louky
vy jste mé těšívaly. /

Oh, my golden Dolany meadows,
you used to please me so.

/ Když jste mě potěšit měly,
vy jste mě zarmoutily. /

But when you should have brought me pleasure
you brought me only grief.



/ Včera když padala rosa
a bledý měsíc vysěl, /

Yesterday, when the dew was falling
and a pale moon rose,

/ travou jsem chodila bosa
můj mily za jinou šel. /

I walked barefoot through the grass
my darling went to see another girl.