Clap & Turn

(Slovenian "pok-sotis" dance)


RECORD:                   Continental 420-A CLAP & TURN

FORMATION:           Couple dance.  Couples may be scattered anywhere on the floor.



Part I


Meas. 1-2


Standing facing each other with hands held down loosely, couple turns in line of direction, man to his left, woman to her right thus: (directions for man) step on left foot (ct. 1), step on right foot (ct. 2) making one complete circle. On the "and" counts free foot may brush floor.


Couple facing, hands on hips, stamp left, right, left (man)


Standing in place, clap own hands in back, clap in front.

(this is usually doubled, so that routine is done twice).


Clap both hands against partner's hands three times.


Repeat meas. 1-8 in same directions.

Part II


Meas. 17-32

Polka with partner 16 polka steps. In the Slovenian Polka there is no hop, but a slight dip-pivot on the third count.



This record is played by Frankie Yankovic, today's exponent of Slovenian style music in America and does not follow the customary A-B-A-B pattern, but plays tricks on the dancers and most of the fun is getting confused in such a simple dance.



Description by John Filcich