Bielolitza Kruglolitza


Presented by Alexandru David



Bielolitza Kruglolitza means white round face.  This staged dance was learned by Alexandru from the Beryozka Ensemble.


Chain line of women


Low handhold (“V” handhold), shoulders touching


Barinya Russian Folk Dances, side 2, band 5                2/4


Description    (1 measure = 1 & 2 &)


Intro – travel sdwds LOD, smooth on balls of feet  


Step R to R (ct 1), step L behind R (ct &), repeat, low handhold


Walk LOD R, L, R, L (cts 1, &, 2, &) arms – raise arms up meas 17-20, bring L arm over head meas 21, bring in front of face meas 22, release hands meas 23-24, L hand to L shoulder of person in front, R fist at waist




Figure 1 – continue walking


R arm down and out to R side – to straight up


R arm continues around to touch own L shoulder


R arm raises straight up


R arm lowers


Repeat meas 1-16 Figure 1
on last 4 meas lower L arm to low handhold




Figure 2 – continue walking


Raise arms straight up


Retaining hands bring L arm over head, in front of face, to rest on upper arm


Hold arms while walking


Reverse arms returning to low handhold


Low handhold, continue walking




Figure 3 – into center, turn to face out & travel LOD


Walk to center – raise arms up


With buzz step R down in front, L up, turn ½ CCW
R arm ends over l crossed in front of body look to L
(end facing out)


Travel LOD buzz step


Buzz step, turn CW, one full turn, arms raise up and come down L over R
(again, facing out)


Continue buzz step LOD
meas 29-32 release hands, rejoin low handhold L in front




Figure 4 – facing out of circle


Buzz step turn ½ CCW to face center raise arms up bring R over L across body


Continue buzz step LOD look R


Turn ½ CCW raise arms up and lower into low handhold


Walk LOD on meas 27 release hands return to L on L shoulder of person in front, R fist at waist




Repeat dance from Figure 1


On repeat of Figure 4 release hands on meas 12 to low handhold
close L to R on meas 15
on meas 16 reverance (bend forward – keep your head and shoulders up, looking at audience)




Dance notes by Maria Reisch, supplemented by Leslie Hyll



Leslie’s reminder notes – Bielolitza Kruglolitza

One measure is counted     “1 & 2 &”


16 meas – step behind (64 steps)


4 meas – arms up & over head, L hand to L shoulder


4 meas – walk

Figure 1:

8 meas – waving


8 meas – waving

Figure 2:

4 meas – arms up & over head


4 meas – walk


4 meas – reverse arms


4 meas – walk

Figure 3:

2 meas – walk to center – raise arms


2 meas – turn half to L (end facing out with arms crossed in front)


4 meas – buzz in LOD (R over L) (move to your L)


4 meas – 1 full CW turn (turn R, end facing out with arms crossed in front)


4 meas – buzz in LOD (move to your L) on last 4 meas drop hands to V position, still facing out

Figure 4:

4 meas – turn half CCW (turn L, end facing in with crossed arms)


4 meas – buzz in LOD (move to your R)


4 meas – turn half CW (turn R, end facing out, hands down)


4 meas – buzz to walk, put L hand on L shoulder in front (for Figure 1)


From Figure 1

Figure 4:

4 meas – turn half CW


2 meas – buzz in LOD


1 meas – lower hands “V”


½ meas – close L to R


½ meas – reverance (bend forward)