(Brittany ‑ France)


A variation on the popular An Dro dance done throughout Brittany.  It is usually done to the song "Changeras‑tu Madeleine?".  Learned from members of Bagad Lan Bihoué in France, summer of 1980 and from members of Breizh Hor Bro Group, at the Heritage International workshop, Lachine, Québec, summer 1997.  Introduced by Yves and France Moreau at 1997 Stockton Folk Dance Camp Lawn Party.


Pronunciation:       Ahn‑droh Ruh‑tour‑ney

Translation:          Reversing An Dro

Music:                   Yves Moreau cassette

Rhythm:                2/4

Formation:            Open circle or line.  Dancers hold each other by small finger.  Face ctr, wt on R ft.  Leader is at L end of line.

Style:                     Somewhat flat‑footed and bouncy steps.

Steps:                    Basic An Dro:  Footwork:  Meas. 1:  Step on L to L (ct 1) step on R next to L (ct and) step on L to L (ct 2).  Meas. 2:  Step on R slightly bkwd (ct 1) step on L next to R (ct and) step on R slightly bkwd (ct 2).  Arm motions:  For meas. 1, arms describe a "loop" motion fwd and out and on meas. 2, a "loop" motion inward and in.

Measure           Pattern

1‑8                         Intro music.  Just get the arms going. 


Basic Pattern

1‑8                         Do four basic An Dro steps as described above

9                            Another An Dro step fwd (meas. 1) but emphasize the loop motion upward when  singing " Dans mon ménage en haut"

10                          Do an An Dro step bkwd (meas. 2)

11                          Do an An Dro step fwd (meas. 1) but clap hands on ct 2 ("tu")  and simultaneously pivot onto L ft to face out

12                          Do an An Dro step bkwd (meas. 2) still facing out (dancers should try to reconnect small fingers...)

13‑14                     Repeat pattern of meas. 11‑12

15‑18                     Repeat pattern of meas. 11‑14

19‑26                     Just do basic An Dro step


Repeat dance from beginning


J'ai neuf a dix moutons, dans mon ménage en haut

J'ai neuf a dix moutons, dans mon ménage en bas       2X


Dans mon ménage en HAUT, dans mon ménage en bas

Changeras‑tu, Madeline, Madeleine, Changeras‑tu, Madeline dors‑tu?       2X


J'ai sept a huit moutons...J'ai cinq à six ...J'ai trois a quatre ...J'ai un a deux


Description by Yves Moreau